Ella’s Day

Today, it was Ella. I know she’s going to grow up to be even more eccentric than her big brother, but I’m biding my time with her as my demure little baby. Today, though, she showed her true colors.

It was 80 degrees in May, in the state of Maine. That pretty much means the sky is spitting skittles. I thought I’d be supermom and take the kids out for ice cream, then to the library, and finally, to the playground. I didn’t even know if Ella would like ice cream, but it turns out that she can’t live without it. She finished each bite with a high pitched squeal loud enough for the next county to hear; apparently, I was not feeding her fast enough. The other patrons in the ice cream shop thought this was hilarious, but of course one woman informed me that she’d stop her crying if I didn’t give in to her every time. Thank you, ma’am. I wasn’t sure what would calm her down.

Ella had broken my $2 sunglasses earlier in the day, so I decided it would be a good time to purchase a new pair. I should have thought twice and waited until she wasn’t with me. We headed into the store to find some more shades. Initially, she was tearing sunglasses off the rack at a pace so rapid that I couldn’t put them back fast enough. Then she discovered the stairs, and since we live in a one-story, this was an amusement park to her.

I left the store in a complete sweat. Of course, it’s mother’s day weekend, so I had to swing into the local jewelry store to pick up some presents. By the way, take it from me: Do.not.take.children.jewelry.shopping.

Again, this store had stairs, which Ella needed to test out. The sales associates made a point of reminding me every three seconds that “one was escaping”. I did know this, and I thought it was the perfect solution to my needing to pick out presents and her being occupied. The other people in the store were not so sure that this parenting tactic was a good idea. What could go wrong though? I finally gave in and picked her up. Luckily Harrison has a good fashion sense and picked out the jewelry we needed while I wrestled a very unhappy girl in my arms.

Because I am a daring and persevering individual, I extended my shopping extravaganza to visit a friend in a local shop up the street. A shop, mind you, with breakable things. Many breakable things. Usually, Harrison gravitates toward them, but like I said, this was Ella’s day. Harrison was completely happy checking out a pear shaped candle, something that he couldn’t really destroy, which was awesome. Ella spent her time, albeit strapped in to the stroller, hanging her little body out as far as it could go in an effort to grab nearby baubles. My friend actually told me I looked refreshed. Exasperated was more like it, I told her.

You are waiting to hear about the playground? I had said we were going to the playground, hadn’t I? Well, yeah, I was too exhausted from our visit downtown to even attempt such a thing. Harrison even seemed relieved to go straight home.

We did, in fact make it home in one piece, however, as I write this, she is chewing on the corner of the table. I can’t wait til bedtime.

Author: livefromtimeout

When I'm not refereeing my two children, I like to workout and drink wine. But not at the same time. Teaching happens to be my vocation and my passion.

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