Nap Time Nightmares


Lately, (as in the past 3 and a half years) we have struggled with Harrison’s naps. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been so stressed out lately: the one time of day where I have a slight chance at any down time, he has managed to make into a complete nightmare. The other day, we caught him standing on his bedside table trying to hang his alarm clock from the ceiling fan. Another time, he took off all his clothes and threw them over the baby gate (more on the gate later). He is generally loud and obnoxious until he actually falls asleep, and that is IF he actually falls asleep. I’ve often given in and let him skip nap, however, that’s when he falls asleep at 5pm on the couch, only to wake up again and make bedtime a living hell.

My mother in law watched the kids while we were away last week, and upon our return, she told us that she had him all figured out. Thank God. I’ve been at home with him for two years, but after a week, she has all the answers. This woman is sweet as pie, and she thinks Harrison walks on water. Quite frankly, if he could walk on water, I think he’d leave a trail of fire behind him as he went, but, alas, he’s pretty well behaved in her presence. I honestly don’t think she believes any of the stories I tell her about him. She might even be refusing to follow my blog in protest. Anyway, she instructed me to make him stay in his room until he fell asleep. She said I should allow him to play (he was building something out of curtain rods yesterday because I took all the toys out of his room) and that he would fall asleep eventually. We are on day four of this experiment. The first two days he spent THE ENTIRE AFTERNOON in his bedroom. He played for two hours and FINALLY slept for two after that. I felt incredibly guilty that he was wasting his afternoon, but I explained the options, and I guess he made his own choice. He just keeps getting more creative though.

I believe in my mother in law’s eyes, this would make for an easy day for me. Heck, the kid would be out of my hair for all those hours. What’s to worry about? Of course that little stinker had other ideas. He wasn’t just PLAYING in there. Aside from the ceiling fan incident, the curtain rod construction project, and the nude show of protest, he also rearranged his furniture. He “reorganized” his closet. And when he was bored inside his room, he decided to go wake his sister up. This is where the baby gates come in. So, when it was Ella’s naps that were also being interrupted, I had to resort to drastic measures. I put a gate up in front of his door to keep him in. This did not stop him from opening his door and yelling to me from the top of the stairs, but at least he was contained. Until he wasn’t. The loud bang I heard from above was Harrison knocking over the gate. I think he was so proud of himself that he didn’t know what to do next because he didn’t even try to escape. But I know my boy and I know he WOULD have escaped sooner or later. So I did this: IMG_1091

Yes, that would be two baby gates, because one just didn’t cut it for my little angel. It was my only option because I hear cages and duct tape are against the rules. The worst part is, it’s Christmas time. This kid should be shaking in his underoos at the thought of Santa watching all of this. We even have an Elf on the Shelf named Shiny. Truth of the matter is that my kid couldn’t give a lesser crap about that elf or Santa. If I even survive until the new year, I’ll be the most tired mama around!

Do you have any naptime funnies to share? Post ‘em in the comments so I know I’m not alone!

Author: livefromtimeout

When I'm not refereeing my two children, I like to workout and drink wine. But not at the same time. Teaching happens to be my vocation and my passion.

15 thoughts on “Nap Time Nightmares”

  1. I have to laugh when I read your blogs, Katie. I swear Grace has met her match….remember when they were cute innocent babies? Doesn’t seem like that long ago! I had to sleep with Grace in her bed for the longest time, up until about a few months ago. She still gets up once or twice, but doesn’t wreak havoc like she used to. The clock on the ceiling fan sounds like something she’d do, haha. Anyway, one day I put her down for a nap…and I forgot to close my bedroom door. Inside that bedroom on my desk was VERY expensive mineral powder makeup. It was very quiet so I though she had fallen asleep. I walked upstairs about a half hour later to find her butt naked, in my bedroom. She was all lathered up in Vaseline hand lotion, and was covered from head to toe in my mineral powder (which stuck on nicely because of the lotion) she looked like a bronze cherub. I was absolutely furious, but couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous she looked. Oh yeah, then the incident with her entire face painted with my red lipstick…..I hope their children do this to them someday. My mother said this to me and now I totally believe her!


  2. Wow… and I thought my nephews were exhausting! They are when they team up though, but I’m glad they don’t give me this kind of trouble every day! Neither one naps anymore, although the 3 year old could stand to take a nap at least every other day, especially lately as he has been ready to pass out by 5-6pm most nights after the time change!


      1. I hate to break this to you but if she’s able to escape from her crib it might be time for a bed. If you need help with this let me know. Toddlers are my “peeps”. Go to the Toddler Tuesday page. One of my student’s parents requested I post something about transitioning to a toddler bed from a crib. I haven’t done it yet but I am happy to now. I’ll never forget when my son figured out how to escape. He got out of his crib, walked over to me and said, “I am here now!” Oh boy. 🙂


      2. “I am here now” OMG! That is hilarious. Whitney, I’ll definitely check your page. Toddlers are NOT my peeps-I spent ten years happily teaching 11 and 12 year olds and these little people have me all jumbled up!

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      3. Thanks! Also, please forgive me in advance. I am designing 3 1/2 bathrooms this week and a kitchen so I’m not certain if Toddler Tuesday (even though now it’s Wednesday!) will be updated this week. Please know that I am available via the contact page if you need to bounce any parenting ideas off of me. Isn’t it interesting how teachers have a favorite age to teach? I’m not sure I would fair well with 11 and 12 year olds. 🙂 xo Whitney

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  3. Oh, I feel your pain! I made the mistake of rocking and reading to my oldest before bedtime. He would not go to sleep without being rocked….talk about long nights! However, now that my son is a fifth grader, I look back on those days and realize how sweet they were. And I’m guessing you’ll look back on these days and laugh and cherish the memories too. 🙂 Thanks for bringing back those memories! 🙂


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