Slice of Life 12/29

“Goodnight. I love you, Bubby,” I whisper, as I backwards crawl out of my son’s new tent. It was a gift he received from Santa, although Santa probably would have rethought this gift if he knew Harrison was going to insist on sleeping in it. Santa really assumed that it would just be for play time. Santa has a lot to learn, apparently.

As I turned out the light and left the room, I smiled to myself and wondered how long this phase would last. How many nights would he need to sleep in his new tent? How many “non naps” would he have in there (because we all know he’s not doing much sleeping under that canvas cover)?

Not that I’m an expert AT ALL in this parenting thing, but after two babies, and some good time spent in toddlerism, I know that everything is a phase. Some are good, some are bad. Some we hope to last forever, like the arms-around-the-neck hugs and kisses and the random outbursts of “Mama, I love you!” Then there are the ones we wish will pass faster than Chinese food indigestion, like the colicky crying that we have thankfully surpassed, and potty training (one down, one to go).

I made it down the stairs, poured myself a glass of wine, and sat on one of our bar stools to do some online research, when a little voice from the landing called, “Mommy! I want to sleep in my bed now!” I have to admit, I rolled my eyes. Looking over at my husband, playing completely aloof at the whole scenario, I knew this was my gig. Off I went back upstairs to relocate my little guy. Naturally, giggles, snuggles, and small talk ensued while I was up there, but to be honest, I didn’t mind. Because this is a phase.

A phase that lasted exactly two nights and 28 minutes.

I’ll be keeping in mind as we enter the new year that all things are phases with children. Some I will embrace, and some I will breathe deeply to survive.




Author: livefromtimeout

When I'm not refereeing my two children, I like to workout and drink wine. But not at the same time. Teaching happens to be my vocation and my passion.

16 thoughts on “Slice of Life 12/29”

  1. Oh, yes. Children go through phases … many of them. Your slice made me smile thinking about all the phases I’ve been through in the short five years with my girls. This I know – I never turn down an opportunity to snuggle or those big squeezing hugs of love. Thanks for the phase memories! Happy New Year from one momma to another!


  2. Love the post. My silent mantra throughout my children’s younger days (often accompanied by discreet eye rolling) was “it’s just a phase” and usually it was. How I wish I had blogged during those days and captured our small-moment stories. You’ll treasure this one as a memento of a quick and precious phase. Thanks for sharing!


  3. A sweet, sweet moment. Be sure to tell Santa no drums! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! It really does go way too fast, and then they are almost adults and it’s a whole new set of learnings!


  4. Loved this post and hearing about the latest phase at your house. I’m not sure I’ve stopped by before, but I love the title of your blog. Like some others, I’m sad that I wasn’t blogging when mine were little! Treasure all the happy and the crazy moments!


  5. This is my first time here and what a great first post to read! My kids are 19 and 23 and yes, there are phases that I miss. But all phases are perfect…some just take awhile longer to appreciate!


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