The Peaks and Valleys of Parenting

Yesterday was Meltdown Monday. Today is Terrible Tuesday. I’m not sure what is going on with my children, however, I am sure that they have conjured up a plan to make stay at home parenting a very difficult task.

I know I’m not the only one. One of the stay at home parents I know was dragging his feet to pick up his daughter from preschool today, because he feared what evil plans she had in store for the rest of the day. Some days are just like this.

In the past week, Ella has managed to bypass the baby gate obstacle and just climb over the counter to get into the kitchen. Harrison has decided he is going to boycott naps and make sure everyone in the house complies with his plan. His intense screaming and repeated jumping from the headboard of his toddler bed are enough to land me in the loony bin. But then both kids joined forces to figure out how to take pictures of themselves on my laptop (I truly am baffled by this because I do not yet know how to do it myself, but there is a green light now on by the camera lens on my screen that I never noticed before. Are we filming?) There was also an incident with paint on the kitchen floor but I cleaned it up and I shouldn’t go further with that one because Justin reads this sometimes and he doesn’t need to know any more than that.

There’s also been some severe diaper rash action, along with two new teeth, and a paper cut that required seven band-aids. You guys, I’m exhausted and it’s only Tuesday.

AND THEN, just to realllllly mess me up, those two stinkers went and did the unthinkable. They were sweet. They were loving. They showed appreciation. Miss Ella, for the first time in several months, chose to take her nap in my arms. Of course I ate it up because we’re just at that point in life where I kind of miss rocking my babies to sleep (BUT NOT ENOUGH TO HAVE ANOTHER, so don’t even go there). And Harrison, snuggling in my lap, murmured, “Mama, you’re the best mama ever.” And of course, with that, all of his antics were forgotten. I forgot (for a minute) that he’s refused to sleep for a week. That he skipped lunch on Sunday to throw a temper tantrum about putting his sock on. That he ran out in the middle of the parking lot twice in one day. And, as Ella nestled herself in my arms, I forgot her obstinance towards all rules and regulations. So, yeah. This parenting thing is just a series of peaks and valleys, folks. Some minutes we’re up, some minutes we’re down. We go to bed exhausted, but with full hearts.

Author: livefromtimeout

When I'm not refereeing my two children, I like to workout and drink wine. But not at the same time. Teaching happens to be my vocation and my passion.

15 thoughts on “The Peaks and Valleys of Parenting”

  1. Exhausted, but with full hearts! Wonderful way to sum up your life currently. Makes me remember those years, and no I wouldn’t turn back the clock. Some days were awful and terrible. Hang in there, and savor the sweet moments.


  2. Holy cow! You sound like you deserve a bubble bath or a glass of wine tonight!!!! Parenting sounds way harder than working full time. You have so, so, so many great details. I love the green light on the computer and the paint incident!


  3. Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane. I can relate to the kind of days you describe and the complex mix of exhaustion, exasperation and full hearts. I can’t count the number of times after some crazy antic-filled hair-pulling day with my three, when we’d finally gotten them to sleep, that I crept back into their rooms to simply look at their sweet, sleeping faces and feel my heart spill over. What a wild, wonderful ride! How I wish I had been writing when my children were young. What treasures you’re creating.


  4. I love spending time with my girls, and am blessed that I have got to stay home with them 95% of the time. But after much hesitating, I’ve decided to go back to work and put Grace in pre-school full time. It will be good for the both of us, I think! You are a great Mom and doing an awesome job. They will thank you very much for this not just now, but when they are older as well 🙂


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