Playing Catch Up

Yikes! Where have I been?? I honestly couldn’t tell you all of the details of my past few months as a working mom because it’s truly been a whirlwind. We survived the holidays just barely, and all of a sudden I go outside and it’s 70 degrees out there. Here are a few highlights from the past months:

Ella turned three in March. She used her magic princess wand to turn boys into frogs. The child is wise beyond her years.

Justin suffered the man-flu. The first time around it was the man-flu. The second time it was pneumonia and bronchitis. I think there’s a story about a boy and a wolf and some crying here that might support my lack of sympathy, but the good news is that he is feeling well now, albeit the serious paper cut he has on his left pinkie finger.

My students are still appalled that we have to read in class. By the way, I teach English. To seniors in high school. I told them that this was a necessary evil that must be endured. They’re still showing up, so I suppose they have acquiesced.

“Acquiesced” is a vocabulary word this week. How’d I do?

Cousin Shellie, who lived here, moved out to house sit for my mother; but she has since moved back in. She actually wakes up early to come downstairs and “watch the madness.”

Harrison developed a double ear infection and upper respiratory infection on my 35th birthday. The doctor at urgent care didn’t actually say, “upper respiratory infection”, but she wrote it on the discharge sheet for an extra surprise when I got home. It was as if she just wanted to dig the knife further into the wound. Speaking of wounds, the antibiotics H was prescribed turned him into a big red blob of screaming, kicking, itching hives. I told the pediatrician I had been treating the rash with Benadryl and he was all like, “You shouldn’t do that. It makes kids drowsy” and I was all like, “Yeah dude so what’s your point?” and he was all like, “Well you don’t want your son to be sleepy all the time do you?” and I was all like, “umm well I don’t know the correct answer to this question.”

If you missed it in number six, I turned 35. This monumental event coincided with the man-flu and double ear infection/upper respiratory debacle. Cheers!

I managed to slam my fingers in a door, pinch them in a carseat, and lose a diamond from the ring I was wearing on that hand all in one day. My middle finger still works fine though.

Harrison demonstrated his literary prowess by practicing the alphabet on our walls. He tried to blame it on his sister, who does not have the same skill set at this current time in her development. Unfortunately he gave himself away with his repetition of H’s throughout the house. He cleverly wrote a bunch of E’s outside of Ella’s room but we weren’t fooled. On another note, we’ve had to engage in several conversations about how lying is wrong.

Summer is now on the horizon and I hope to get back into this, so stay tuned. I’ve included an actual picture of my children getting along. This will go in a museum one day.17498760_10155208101311383_1998342815584970627_n (1)

Author: livefromtimeout

When I'm not refereeing my two children, I like to workout and drink wine. But not at the same time. Teaching happens to be my vocation and my passion.

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